Potter vs Katniss

We're huge fans of Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. So much that we even have some of the costumes on display in our studio. So, when Mockingjay - Part 2 was coming out we just had to do something to get these kids together.
We planned on this being a pretty short battle with fast action. We wanted to go quick, cheap and dirty so decided to use off-the-shelf action figures that could be modified for stop-motion animation. The figures were shot on an animation table with simple three-point lighting in front of a green-screen so that we could add an appropriate background later. Rigs were used to stabilize the action figures and then were removed later in post-production. Everything else was captured in camera using Dragonframe software.
Once animation was completed a background was composited into the scene in addition to wand lighting and fog elements. Sounds effects, music and some minor vocals were added to complete the animation.